Honoring the Past,
Looking to the Future:
50th Red Cloud Indian Art Show Opens

On a clear day in early June, over 250 Native artists, art advocates, and visitors from across the region and around the country gathered on Red Cloud’s campus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Red Cloud Indian Art Show. Before the gallery officially opened, a special honoring ceremony was held in tribute of the artists and art professionals who not only helped to build the Red Cloud show—but who have also shaped the national conversation around Native art over the last 50 years. Following the ceremony, those gathered streamed through the gallery doors to view the more than 200 works that make up this year’s show.


Mary V. Bordeaux                     Peter Strong

Arthur Amiotte                         Roger Broer

Ina Mae Espinoza                     Robert Freeman

Don Montileaux                       Martin Red Bear

Richard Red Owl                      Don Ruleaux

Jackie Sevier                            Dwayne Wilcox


As part of this year’s anniversary celebration, The Heritage Center updated the show’s awards—to align with the shifting landscape of topics and perspectives addressed by participating artists. Congratulations to the following artists on their awards and extraordinary work:

Division Winners

Division I - Painting
First Place - Charles Her Many HorsesWoman in Star Quilt and Robe
      Second Place - Keith BraveHeart, The Dreamcatchers; Vic Runnels, Robert Freeman, Bobby Penn, Arthur Amiotte, Roger Broer and Richard Red Owl (in honor of the Red Cloud Art Show)

Division II - Drawing
First Place - Charles Her Many Horses, Winyan Blowing Bubbles
      Second Place - Keith BraveHeart, Four 30 Minute Blind Contour Drawings of 1960s Don Montileaux

Division III - Graphics
      First Place - Roger Broer, Iktomi Interrupting
      Second Place - Gordon Coons, Dancing with Raven Spirit

Division IV - Photography/ Digital Art
      First Place - Marlena Myles, Anpetu Wi
      Second Place - Keith BraveHeart, South Dakota Vacation

Division V - Mixed Media
First Place - Angela Babby, Mahpiya Luta Wapazopi
      Second Place - Wade Patton, Yamni Iktomi

Division VI - Three Dimensional
      First Place - Kevin Pourier, Hollywood Indian Buffalo Horn Glasses
      Second Place - Gene Swallow, Pispiza

Division VII - Cultural Art Forms
First Place - James Star Comes Out, Hehaka Woihanble
      Second Place - Sandra Wescott-Gauthier, My Backyard Friends

Division VIII - Adornment
       First Place -  Molina Parker, Summertime and The Livin' Easy
       Second Place - Jhon Goes in Center, Tablóka Nunpa Masnápokta (Two Buffalo Bulls Bracelet)

Special Awards Winners

Br. CM Simon,SJ Award, purchase award - for artwork to be used for publicity for the following year's show
       Marlena Myles, Anpetu Wi

Judge's Choice Award - best work determined by Judges
       Kevin Pourier, Hollywood Indian Buffalo Horn Glasses

Founder's Award - most innovative use of culturally specific methods of techniques
       Randilynn Boucher, Pejuta Ota

Oscar Howe Award - representing a force in the evolution of Indigenous fine arts
       Roger Broer, Shaman

Visual Sovereignty Award - for the most developed Indigenous theme
      Bryan Parker, There's a kind of hush

Continuum Award - for best use of innovative medium, techniques, or approach
       Tani Gordon, She's Always with me

Abstract Award - for the best non-representational work in any media
       Nelda Schrupp, Honoring the Survivors of Smallpox

Representation Award - for the best representational work in any media
      Emil Her Many Horses, Painted Rawhide Hat & Box

Humor Award - for the best hilarious, amusing, funny work in any media
      Dwayne Wilcox, Chicken Dance Hat

New Artist Award (sponsored by Susan Elizabeth Eakle) - for an outstanding body of work by and emerging artist
      Dustin Twiss, Calling Bull

Standing Rock/ NoDAPL award (sponsored by Susan Elizabeth Eakle) - for the focus on standing rock and water protectors award
      Sandy Swallow, The Wind Blew, Who Knew The Ending

 Oyate Award, a Community Choice award, voting runs the length of the show.
Jimi LaPointe, Maahes